UPC Custom Crimper

$39.99 $30.00

This is it! The Ultimate wire crimper!

A lot of research and testing went into this crimper to ensure we were able to deliver one of the best crimping tools for sleevers.

Each tool is milled to accept Molex ATX terminals and can crimp our 16awg wire perfectly and securely. Unlike some of the other crimpers on the market, the UPC Crimper will make the terminals “bite” into the insulation for exceptional connectivity and crimp security.

ATX terminals aren't the only thing you can crimp with this!

  • ATX Male and Female Terminals
  • Molex “4 pin” Male and Female Terminals
  • Dupont Male and Female Terminals
  • Fan Male and Female Terminals
  • SATA Crimp Style Terminals
  • MORE!


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5.00 out of 5

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